Friday, November 16, 2007

A note for Mommy

When I woke up the other afternoon after a long night at the ER I almost rolled over on to this. What a sweet note from my little boy. I was four nights into a five night stint. A little pick me up like this does a lot for a mother's heart. It also helps when said little boy is obnoxious and pitching a fit to remind me that underneath the five year old exterior is "an angel with no halo and one wing in the fire." (Gotta love country music.) He pushes the limits all the time but loves to snuggle and draw me notes at school. Drats, he gets me every time.

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jenny k said...

A note like melts an aunt's heart even. Reba told me tonight that she was going to draw me a picture because "I never did" she told me. I told her you could mail it to me. =) I have her magnet tile of "a bird like you've never seen" on my refrigerator - and I cherish it.