Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr Rodgers was ahead of his time

I happened to be flipping through channels the other day - a very rare occurrence since we got TiVo a few years ago - and I found Fred Rodgers in his familiar sweater, slacks and sneakers. Dear old Mr. Rodgers. I was a fan - I will admit.

Mostly I loved when Mr Rodgers would visit someplace to find out how they made something. I clearly remember the crayola factory. Hundreds of thousands of precious colored wax sticks rolling off the conveyor belt - what kid could forget that one. This particular morning when I found Fred (I call him that now that I am an adult) he was visiting the Electric Car manufacturer, probably circa 1970 something judging by the hair.

I was enthralled. This car had 18 batteries that they showed you before they put the revolutionary fiberglass shell over the body. I watched the whole thing. I am wondering now if my kids were even in the room - oh wait, I remember Jacob telling me this was like "How it's Made" - his favorite show. Fred was a true pioneer. He was showing us how it's made and driving electric cars back before it was all the rage. I was completely captivated and amused when Fred drove off in that little electric car. When he was back at the house and it was time for make believe I flipped the channel. There was something freaky about the puppets.

Thanks, Fred, for all the years. You will always be my neighbor.


Queen Ree said...

Hey! I had time to figure out how to post a comment! Whoo hoo! I do like reading your thoughts. Kinda like we are together still. Electric car hmmmm...I even heard your dad talk about a hybrid except the Hondathatwillnotdie keeps him happy at the gas pump.

Warning - I showed Grandma your blog and she wants me to get her set up to see it. She got a little bleary-eyed when I showed her the pictures of the kids. Dang she misses you all. Heck, I miss you, it's just that I am never home (until today) to realize you are not here. Love ya sweetie! Kiss the babies!

Sarah M said...

miss you mom. the kids can't wait to visit. reba is doing a count down. glad you can finally respond. that Hondathatwillnotdie is such a good little car. give grandma a hug for me. i can see her tearing already. shoot.