Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I got off work a bit early this morning - a nice charge nurse, few patients at 6 am (a rarity these days), and a blatant request to go home and I was on my way. I love getting home to see my cherubs off to school. Jacob asks me every night to try and be home before he leaves for school. This morning in particular I was pleased to be home early. Just as I was rounding the corner for home I noticed this unbelievable sunrise. Glory.

I ran out our back door and took some quick shots. You can see the water tower in the background and the greenbelt in the foreground. I took a moment...

An update on yesterday's post: here is the Scottie dog I made yesterday. Brian just enlarged the pattern for me to make him more than 5 inches tall. I found the pattern here: http://http//

Brian added seam allowances of 1/4 inch to mine. Perhaps I will figure out how to post that.


jenny k said...

These are interesting little guys. Whatever will you do with them? Cute. Zebra Scottie is hoot. He's almost as big as Little!

Sarah S said...

beautiful... sunset and lovely creations... Sarah... I miss you!