Thursday, August 28, 2008

Riding the Bus

My days have been busy, as of late, bandaging small hands with boo boos from monkey bars, packaging up clothes after "accidents", lifting little people out of wheelchairs to set on potties, checking shot records and telling parents their child is going to need five shots by tomorrow in order to be in school, and placing ice packs on bumped heads. Even with 4 year old diabetics, my job is pretty low stress compared to the ER. That is, until 3:30 rolls around.

You would think that by 3:30 when all the children have left my stress would be gone. Oh, no. This is when it hits the fan around this joint. In the last few days we have gotten calls from at least 6 parents missing their children at the bus stop. Two parents have ended up in our office looking for said children. Then starts the phone calls to the bus barn, teachers describing children to the bus dispatcher who then describes them over the radio to the bus driver, parents becoming hysterical, bus drivers checking buses that they parked for sleeping kids, teachers, nurse, and principals running all over campus looking for lost children. AHHHH!

Give me a person having a heart attack who we have to shock 3 times to get back, I will even do chest compressions and help drop a tube down them. Just please, please, don't lose kids! I come home exhausted from the pure stress of it all.

So you don't fret - all children were accounted for. More than one fell asleep and the stupid bus driver didn't check her bus when she parked it to see if children were sleeping on it. Another child got on bus 29 instead of 25 - she wanted to ride with her friend. And one bus driver had the bright idea that she would take children that didn't belong on her bus and drive them directly to their house because she knew where they lived. Never mind Dad was waiting at the bus stop at another school where they were supposed to be! Another child simply did not get off at her stop. Where do we get our bus drivers? I have known many bus drivers over the years and none so goofy as these. And finally I have resolved that I WILL NEVER LET MY CHILD RIDE THE BUS.