Saturday, September 6, 2008

Puppies are Contagious

I swear, puppies are contagious. I was just visiting a friend's blog (another ADD-er I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus) who was blaming the ADD for her impulsive puppy purchase, and I was commenting on how eerily similar we are - though she is a couple of decades wiser. I laughed and laughed, and Brian did not think it was funny at all. My dog habit has gotten me in quite a lot of trouble over the years.

Fast forward two days and my sister (who lives with us for the time being) is seriously looking for a dog to keep her company. She had just missed an opportunity for a particular dog she'd been looking at and was heartbroken. I consoled her by saying that another dog was out there that needed her (and I really believed that). Within 24 hours of that missed opportunity we were headed over to "Bob's" house to look at some lab puppies. There were about 7 little squirmy puppies who we figured could not be more than about 4-5 weeks old. Black, Chocolate and Yellow Lab puppies accompanied by two beautiful parents a Yellow and Black Lab were roaming free range around a disgusting, flea infested, poorly fenced, dirty back yard. When questioned how old they were "Bob" kept telling us they were 8 weeks. Yeah right, "Bob."

I picked up the cutest little yellow one. She was too precious. I looked at her belly to get an idea of whether she was a she or a he and discovered FLEAS! TONS OF THEM! I looked at Jenny and she read my mind. We made a quick decision about a little brown boy for her and without hesitation when Reba asked if we could have the little yellow one, I said, YES! I would have taken the whole slew of them just to get them outta there and take them to my wonderful vet. If I had known Brian would agree to it, I would have.

I have never seen that many fleas. Really, never. Not even on a large animal. It was inhumane. I literally ran into a pet store on the way to the T-ball game as though it was a true emergency and got some very small puppy flea spray. What was funny was the pet store guy sensed my urgency and acted accordingly. We literally went running through the store. He even offered to help de-flea them. But, alas, we had a T-ball game to get to.

Puppies could be contagious or I could be predisposed to getting puppies. One will never know. What I do know is that our two newest babies are super cute and very smart. And the other thing I know is that these two definitely needed us. The pics below are from the first night they were with us. Look how pathetic they look. Poor babies.


Queen Ree said...

Too cute!!!!

I think the dog habit was passed on from your father. He started the whole adopt a needy animal with Yuri. I, on the other hand, have only brought home one needy animal - Rocky - and that was because someone had to, and I was following your dad's lead. All the other animals were your father or you guys. Let's blame him.

Tell Brian it is illegal to mail live animals to California.

Kathi D said...

Omigosh! They are just as precious as can be!

What a sweet story and congratulations to you for rescuing those adorable babies.

I feel some guilt at not adopting pound puppies. I blame our first Sheltie, because since we fell in love with him we haven't been able to picture ourselves without Shelties.

I am so glad to have someone to share puppy stories with. I am completely exhausted already. I just KNOW I didn't have to clean up this much poop and pee the last time we had puppies. Did I?

It does tend to keep the brain occupied to keep up with them, though. Maybe puppies are the cure for ADD. (not)

Sarah S said...

dude. how's brian taking it?

You know your crazy right?

Caroline said...

Came to your blog from Kathi D. Those puppies are so cute! You are so good to get them out of that place...makes me so sad how people treat animals. We rescued a dog back in was one of the best decisions we ever made. Good luck with the potty training!