Monday, September 15, 2008

Come on, Brain, turn the page...

Sometimes I am caught off guard by the sheer cleverness of my children. Today's funny came from Reba. We were in the car on the way home from a late T-ball game (which we won, by the way) and the kids were trying to remember the names of one of our favorite T-ball families. They got through the dad, all the kids and were stuck on the name of the mom. Reba says, "I know it's up here in my brain book. I am thinking.... I am thinking.... Come on, Brain, turn the page." Just hearing her little voice say that cracked me up. Then I saw a glimpse of her little face in the rear view mirror with her mouth all screwed up in a thinking position. Oh, the brain book. How very funny. Wonder who she heard that from?

A second funny came from Jacob, repeating something he had heard on the T-ball field. A controversial play had been made where our short stop picked up a ball in the near outfield and ran with it to tag a runner out. Ump called the kid safe because the ball could not be carried into the infield by an outfielder - it must be thrown in. The parents were all puzzled by the play and wondering what's up with that. Well, apparently when coach was having his words with the ump his come back which was repeated by our 6 year old was, "The Shortstop could pick the ball up at the HEB (our local grocery) and run it into the infield to tag a guy out - he's the short stop!" I wonder what quote he will come home with next week?


Kathi D said...

What is cuter than a darling little girl with a puppy?

Are you finding puppy care tiring? I am exhausted! It's relentless!

Marianne said...

Oh my goodness...those kids just keep growing!!! Hi Sarah!!! I found your blog via Kim's. How are things? Looks like your staying busy (and hopefully dry from one Mr. Ike). And you have PUPPIES!!! So adorable! Hope all is well with you!