Monday, September 22, 2008

St. David's ER saved My Life

Round Rock resident Karen Henderson fell victim to a heart attack while driving her car. Thanks to the quick response of Williamson County EMS and St. David's Round Rock Medical Center emergency room doctors and nurses, Karen was able to leave the hospital just two weeks later with normal brain and heart function.

Karen was my patient.

This was an ad that ran in our community paper last week. I was totally asleep when Brian woke me up to see it. Wasn't this your patient?!? Yes, that was my patient that crazy day we were slammed, we had brand new computer charting and I was working a random day shift. That patient that day was one of those times as a nurse when you do your best because it is what you do, not knowing if that patient will ever make it. It was surreal. This makes every 12 hour shift, every night where we were slammed with ambulances, and every time I had to change my scrubs because some bodily fluid got on mine worth it. Karen, you made my year. Thanks.


Queen Ree said...

We're proud that you do your best for others because it's just what you do.

karen henderson said...

My daughter in law sent me this on Feb 7, 2014----Wear red for women day! Is it too late to say thank you after almost 6 years!\? Your blog is about me. I have always wanted to thank the people who helped save my life. But, as you know, I have no clue who they were. I do not remember anything but the last 2 days in the hospital before I went home. Because of your efforts, I saw my youngest graduate from Howard Payne in May 2008, get married in June 2008 to a wonderful young lady, the birth of my second grandson. My oldest remarry, my Mom celebrate her 92nd birthday (looking forward to celebrating her 93rd this year) and continue working with blind and visually impaired students in RRISD.
I know I should not have survived. I had a 7% survival rate. Thanks to all the first responders and the wonderful care of the RR hospital ER I am still here! I hope you receive this. Again, thank you, thank you for all you did for me. I'm sorry its 6 years late. I just wish I had known about your blog sooner.
Karen Henderson