Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muffin Tops

Last month sometime, while at the hospital, I was cursing my old black scrub bottoms that were not fitting as well as they used to. It seemed as though they had shrunk or my body had somehow outgrown them. A loving coworker suggested that it might be my detergent secretly shrinking my clothes. Oh, how I would like to believe that. But, alas, the evidence is there spilling out over the top of my favorite scrub pants - a muffin top.

I cringed at the thought of my extra midsection actually being plentiful enough to spill over. How fit and thin I had been only a year (or two) ago! How could this be? Was it the night shift? Was it TX and the fact that everything in TX is bigger - including me? While flogging myself for letting it get this bad another nurse, who is tall and thin (even though she is prego) and gorgeous, brightened my night by reminding me that the muffin's top is everyone's favorite. Ha, so there!

Then just in case I had forgotten about my extending midsection now that I am not wearing the offending scrubs I get an offer from Weight Watchers in the mail today. How do they know? It's like they were watching me - me and my muffin top.

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Sarah S said...

you and ME both sista... muffin tops unite!