Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to panic your parent..

The other morning at about 4 in the morning when I had already been sleepless for a few hours I decided to go upstairs to catch up on some of my Tivo'd Joyce Meyers (the curse of the night shift - up on your nights off). I walked into the kids room to check in on them really quickly and shut their door so the TV wouldn't wake them. To my complete terror there was one kid missing. Jacob was not in his bed. I checked the floor, the crack of the bed, the closet. Then I saw it, two little bottoms on the top bunk. At some point during the night the kids had bunked up in the same bed. After my panic settled I smiled. They may be at one another's throats during the day but they really do love each other.


Caron said...

I ran across your blog doing some research and what a blessing :)

Queen Ree said...

Beautiful babies! I miss them! Watch for a package - love ya

jenny k said...

I poked my head in to check on them and say goodbye before leaving for work the other morning. I had heard some quiet little voices coming from their room. I looked in and caught Reba giving Jacob a hug and Jacob hugging his little sister back. I said someting like "Aww, that's nice" and Jacob said "Aww, man, you saw that!?!?" Precious and hilarious. Wouldn't want to be caught hugging your little sister - eeek!