Friday, August 15, 2008

For Free, For Real!

I love JJ! Besides the uncanny fact that she and her husband have the same last name as the majority of my extended family, JJ is one of my favorite musicians. Brian and I met JJ and her husband, Dave, several years ago now through common friends - neighbors Sarah and Tim from our "white house." JJ and Dave are some of the most delightful, down to earth, lovely people you could meet. We were blessed to receive a copy of her music from Sarah and Tim and since then have bought copies of all of her albums. I highly recommend you download your free copy of her newest album. As Brian put it in an email to our church friends, "She’s got a folk-pop style with a Christian base." Well put! Thanks for the music, JJ!


Purple and Paisley said...

i'm so glad you've been lurking on my left a comment and am thankful for your advice on my dogs...please visit often and i'm happy to have found your blog, too! your pics show a wonderful family and friends!

*jj said...

thanks for posting about us!