Sunday, June 8, 2008

A year in review...

The other night Brian and I were in that in between place between awake and asleep where you have your best conversations and solve the greater issues of your life. We started talking about this year of Kindergarten and another summer coming up and it dawned on us that we bought our house exactly one year ago. We reflected for a while - long after we should have been asleep - about what this year has been for us and the significance of moving here. Here are some of our thoughts:

One year ago we signed what felt like a million papers, pulled a million strings, and budgeted for what seemed like a million dollars (which we all know was much less than a million) all to purchase these walls, the floors, and this roof. Or so it seemed. What we really purchased was a life that we never imagined we could live. It was a pipe dream in Los Angeles for us to afford this kind of lifestyle. We would have committed to private educations, an outrageous mortgage, and a lifetime of endless commuting. It was a future that we assumed was ours. Then one day we visited Austin and our outlook changed.

Within 24 hours of our first visit to Austin Brian and I had resolved that we would move to TX. Two California kids raising two California kids - I never imagined we would ever leave. But we saw something fantastic in Austin. All the beauty and diversity that we loved So. Cal. for without the cost, smog, and irate people. It was TX and that made all the difference. I grieved over our decision to leave everything we ever knew on the car ride from TX to CA and by the time we were back in LA I was looking forward to a new life. (Family and friends, please don't misunderstand - we miss you a great deal - and you will always be a huge part of our lives. I grieved for CA - and somehow, it didn't take as long as I thought. I still miss you and am working on getting you all to move here ;-).)

On May 26th we were official homeowners and by June 26th we had moved in. Here to greet us was a school system that we would trust with our baby and would teach in one year's time a very stubborn but intelligent Kindergartner to read. We were greeted by a neighborhood that would love us, take care of us, and pray for us. We were greeted by a church home that would wrap their arms around us and invite us into a thriving and growing Methodist Jesus centered ministry. We were greeted by bills we could pay and jobs we would love! We were greeted by friends we would call family. We were greeted by a preschool where our child would be the favorite. We were greeted by T-ball that didn't play on Sunday mornings. We were greeted by clouds parting and the sun shining down on us - even through the rainiest summer in TX in 50 years. The darkness of hopelessness was lifted and God had blessed our family.

So, you see, we bought so much more than a house. This past year has been so good to us. We thank all the people who helped us get here. We know for our CA family it was bittersweet. You helped us attain a lifestyle at the cost of us moving away. We are so grateful. Tonight as I walk through this massive house (much bigger than I could have dreamed several years ago) and I turn out the lights and tuck my babies in I say a prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you for TX, God; thank You for our house, our friends and our family; help us, Lord, to be good stewards every day of Your blessing on us.

In honor of this occasion I thought I would provide a tour of the house. Many of you have been asking me for photos (Grandma and Cheryl). I hope this helps.

Please ignore my giant green rear end.

The entrance.

The front door and the dining room. The dog can see the entire neighborhood from his post at the front door window.

Just a peek at the master bedroom.
I know it's a mess. Thought I would give you the real picture of my house.

Jenny's room/what was Reba's room.

Since they have had to share Jacob's room, the kids have exploded in here. All efforts to keep this room clean are futile.

Brian's office/our guest room. So, you are welcome to visit, but you have to be up by 8am so Brian can go to work.

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Queen Ree said...

Grandma was thrilled to see your house. She was beaming when she talked about it.