Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Little Dog Gets a Makeover

Little Dog finally became too matted and ugly for me to groom at home. Known for being so ugly he's cute - he finally just became so ugly. I took the plunge (when I found a coupon) and got him groomed. This is a record of my experience.
On the phone:
Me: I need to make an appointment for my dog to get groomed.
PetSmart: What kind of dog do you have?

Me: (pause) um... a little dog?? a little dog mutt??
PS: We can fit you in Monday at 10:30.
PS: What is your dog's name?
Me: um... Little Dog...

PS: (stiffled chuckle) Little Dog for 10:30 Monday, see you then.

At the PS:
PS: Is that Little Dog??
Me: Yup, can you fix him?

PS: What would you like us to do?
Me: I dunno. What can you do?

PS: You want a hair cut and shampoo?
Me: I dunno.

Me: Look, he's an ugly little dog. If I get him back an ugly little dog, I won't be dissappointed. Anything will be an improvement.
PS: ??

PS: OK, we will be done around 2. See you then.
Me: Adios.

This is Little Dog now:

Reba cried when she saw him. Apparently she liked the old, uglier version better. I never knew this dog could look so good (less ugly).


jenny k said...

Personally, I love Little's new look. He looks clean and soft. Definitely an improvement on the dreds. A good cut for summer, too. I does get hot here. =)

Kristin said...

what an improvement! they must work wonders at pet smart.

Linda said...

Hi Sarah,
I found your blog...
Very fun to read. Thanks for the entertainment (here at work). Yes, a nice distraction.
Dog looks great.
Hi to Jenny and all.


F.I.L. Jim said...

Hey Sarah!
Could you take me to Petsmart and see what they could do for me?