Sunday, June 22, 2008


The other day, after agonizing for months on how out of shape I am, I bought a pair of running shoes. I bought these, of course, with the intention of actually running. Back in my prime I could put in 9 miles at Cross Country practice then play an hour and a half soccer game. But not now. And God forbid anyone in my neighborhood actually see me hurdling I mean running my now out of shape over-sized body down the sidewalk!!

I devised a plan and left after sun-down with my trusty yellow lab for my first run in my super cute pink and white adidas running shoes. Everything started off fine. I had mapped out a course that was exactly one mile (hey it has been a long time since this body ran anywhere without my kids laughing at me). I started at a pace I felt was acceptable and trotted off proud of myself that I was doing pretty well. Until I looked down. Tut, the yellow lab (bless his heart), was WALKING!!! "What!!" I yelled. He looked up at me sheepishly and gave me a half hearted little trot as if to say, "Oh, sorry. You thought we were running here." Thanks for the moral support, dog.

The lesson from this story is: You know you are out of shape when you think you are running and you look down to see your dog is actually walking. I am happy to report, however, I went out again tonight and Tut walked just a little less. I am getting better!


Queen Ree said...

Why no picture of you running?

Sarah M said...