Monday, June 30, 2008


Brian and I celebrated 7 years of marriage today. We also figured that it had been 10 years since we started dating. While we are going down this road - it has been 18 years since we met. That's a lot of Brian - I mean love. No, really, I do mean love. Brian is sarcastically witty with a mouth big enough to fit both his feet in but I know he loves me. Because of this his dad once asked me if I believe anything he says - only if he is telling me I look fantastic, he loves me, or that I am right or brilliant. This system seems to work for us. My dad asked me for the 2 years leading up to the wedding after we were engaged if I was sure. Oh, yes, I was sure - still am. We sat down to dinner tonight overlooking Lake Travis and Brian remarked, "Did you imagine 7 years ago that we would be here?" Nope, never could have imagined it this good. It has been a fantastic ride! I am excited to see what the next 7 look like.


Queen Ree said...

Congratulations. But your dad still wants to know are you sure you're sure?

Barbara said...

Hey, when you marry into a really cool family only good things happen... You've started the path toward 60 years together, just like Grandmama and Grandadda. Happy anniversary.