Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sew in love

I love sewing. Seriously. I LOVE sewing. I find nothing more therapeutic and satisfying. I do often find myself frustrated by the tiny size of my little replacement machine after my original died. I keep trying to convince Brian that the $900 machine is really worth it. Imagine the things I could make on that! I think that is actually what worries him. He is imagining several more storage bins of fabric that I will want to make these things with. Whatever...

Here are some of my latest favorites. One is a quilt I didn't show a pic of because it's a gift for my mom. The next is a yet to be completed quilt for Jacob who picked out the fabric himself. Cowboys, of course. I am super thrilled with the last one which is an awesome gift from Grandma Dentist. She is moving and cleaning out the sewing room. This was only one among many gifts. She said this jewel quilt has been unfinished for about 5 years. I am delighted to get to finish something that looks like so much work has already been put into it. My next projects include a quilt for grandma, a purse for Molly, and Doctor H, if you are reading still, I have to send you that quilt for your little guy!

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