Monday, October 13, 2008


I adore watching my children engage with their grandmothers. We had a weekend of generational togetherness with my mom and grandma visiting. Four generations of Heller/Kidd/Miller women under one roof for three days. We could have taken over the world! Or, I mean, we had a lovely time.

We also journeyed to Houston to see my great aunt and cousins. The three hour drive made my seat sore but it was soul soothing to see them. The kids especially enjoyed playing with a cousin their age and reading the books Aunt Motie (the forever teacher) gave them. Reba showed off her superior reading skills. The only one disappointed was Jacob - he was hoping to see more things "wrecked" from the hurricane. We pointed out as much damage as we could. Though most things had been cleaned up we could still see evidence that a disaster had occurred. It was sobering to drive through neighborhoods with tarps for roofs and piles of carpet and ruined belongings out on the curb for trash pickup. The generator was still sitting in my aunt's backyard and we were grateful for the electricity we had.

By the way, Jenny and I jammed again. This time we planted Grandma next to us in the kitchen so she could be part of the action. While we were jammin' Grandma was reminiscing about Rhubarb (what is that anyway) and her mother jamming. Every so often she would interject with ,"that was six and a half cups of sugar." We all had a good laugh at what we imagined was a collective jamming session. In the end some seriously fabulous Raspberry Jam was concocted (with only one panicked phone call to the jamming diva in Wisconsin).

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