Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rinners Gets Hitched

The last of the roomies to wed, this was Rin's big day. Rin has been holding out for the love of her life and she found her perfect match in Matt. I do love the weddings. I have only missed one East Coast wedding for my girls from Villanova.

Somehow I managed to not get so many pictures of the bride and groom, but more of everyone else and the rest of the weekend festivities. Sorry, Rin. I must have been so busy laughing at pregnant Kristin who couldn't seem to put a coherent thought together. We had many laughs at her expense. Including a great guffaw at Kristin's story about the bride's new last name - which she apparently thought she had misspelled on the wedding card after I corrected how she was saying it and proceeded to panic over the whole thing. Hours later when inspecting the offending card, she realized that she had not in fact spelled it wrong at all. The whole weekend went like this.

We really enjoyed seeing all the old gang and revisiting some of our favorite places. Besides the obvious - school, apartment buildings, church, Great Harvest Bread, Anthropology - we also were very delighted to spend some time at Rin's parents' house. Over the course of a couple of years Brian and I had the great fortune of spending time with her amazing family. Seven children in total and Rin is the oldest. We were always amused at the ever inviting dinner table. Her parents always made any one who entered their home feel loved. They are the stuff of fairy tales. Our visit Saturday morning was no exception. Not only did we feel welcome and loved, but we also were able to observe those kids from before, now adults in their own right. These children have grown into confident and uniquely gifted adults. What a testament to exceptional parenting.

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