Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can I get a refund?

This weekend we flew into Philly for a quick trip and a wedding. We absolutely could not miss Rin's (Erin's) wedding - the last of my college roommates to marry. Rin grew up right around our alma mater so Brian and I decided to stay with another old roommate at the hotel right by school. We were able to fit in a quick trip to campus to drop a small fortune at the bookstore and grovel at the new nursing building.

My jaw must have been obviously dropped as we walked up to the very impressive Driscoll Hall - the new home for the College of Nursing on Villanova's campus. An old professor I was really hoping didn't recognize me (I was infamous among college professors - probably due to my ADD I realize now) stopped and said she noticed that I was a former student. She recommended that we go on in and take a look around - we would be impressed. I tell you what, we went in, walked around, oohed and ahhed - and frankly, I would like my 120,000 dollars back for a do over. (No pics of the inside - sorry.)

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Kim said...

Sar, i love reading your blog it makes me happy. homesick. but happy. i hope your mom and grandma's trip was succesfull. by all relayed accounts it was. i love you and miss you.