Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All the Gourdy Goodness

I love Fall. I love Fall for all it's gourdy goodness. I love how the light is different and shadows play off things. I love the browns and oranges and greens of this season. Here in Texas it's still sometimes 90+ degrees but somehow you can sense there is a change in the air. We enjoy the change as we sit on our deck - now that it's not 110.

I also love Fall for its holidays. I always look forward to Halloween, not for it's spookiness but for the sense of creativity it brings out. We always made our costumes - my first experiences with sewing, and perhaps this is why I enjoy this weird holiday so much. I won awards in high school for my costumes. In fact, I think my senior prediction was that I would someday find a way to make money building costumes out of cardboard boxes.

Thanksgiving is also one of my favorites. I have so many wonderful childhood memories surrounding this holiday. This was one of the least stressful holiday events that I can remember. All we had to do was make pies - and that is one thing we are very good at. In my college years Thanksgiving was spent with friends and then Brian's relatives. Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, NY/NJ, and North Carolina - who can beat that? I had my first taste of ice hockey, giant parade balloons, and Southern hospitality. Now I look forward to family visiting and the joy of cooking and spending time together with my in-laws (a little home improvement each time isn't bad either).

Welcome, Fall!


Marianne said...

Well it's nice to know that the seasons are changing somewhere in the world! Here in Cali, we can't seem to get a break...ugh. Don't get me wrong, summer is my favorite season but enough is should be like 65 and instead it's 85! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hey, ya know what?
I'm real proud of all four of you!