Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holy Motherload

Can you even grasp the generosity? I tell you, it runs in the family. From the parents of the people who have given us 2 cars and many other things recently comes this latest beautiful peice of furniture, lovely quilted handiwork, and stash of quilting books. I am in hog heaven. These photos don't even included the trickle battery charger, the baby blanket for Reba's doll, Kit, and propane bottles.

I have always wanted an antique treddle machine. My mother owns her grandmother's and I have always loved the nostalga of the piece. While this beauty is less it's innards now, it still has all the look of the machines of yesteryear. This particular table originally belonged to the grandmother of our beloved friends, Grandpa and Grandma Dentist (not their real names - who are the parents of Mr. Insight and in-laws to Wonder Woman). I am honored to have a family heirloom.

The other things, well, don't get me started... Grandma Dentist is my quilt (and all other things crafty) tutor. I have learned many tricks to my sewing trade while simultaneously discussing the best and worst things we have ever seen as a nurse (she is a retired OR nurse). Typically the conversation can make anyone with a semi weak stomach leave the room. We both thrive on this - her teaching me, me learning, us talking nurse. It's a beautiful thing. The books, the Texas wildflower table trappings and coasters - I couldn't love them more. She actually gave me three coasters - only two are pictured becaus the third is already under my drink here at my desk! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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