Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazies and other family members

Brian says I left my last post kind of hanging. He thought he was missing the rest of the story. Well, welcome to my stories. There are times when I am talking that I just sorta trail off and never complete the thought. This is most of the time actually. Brian will stand there staring at me waiting for the rest of the story and I am wondering, "What the heck is he still looking at me for?" ADD, that's just part of the charm...

Speeking of charm we arrived back at the in-laws Sunday night after Grandmama's for a late night dessert with Grandma M and the rest of the crazy bunch. The kids love seeing Brian's cousins. They don't have 1st cousins yet and are still slightly confused about the cousin relationship but somehow understand that they are family. Sarah and Andrew are certainly adored by these two kids. Sarah used to baby sit for us before we moved and they know she is game for anything. Andrew is just a big kid - I notice as he is playing connect four with Reba that they are now sporting the same bangs in the face hair cut - aren't they cute?

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