Saturday, July 12, 2008

Golf Camp

Jacob went to Golf Camp for a week a couple of weeks ago and I completely forgot to post on it. I am so proud of the stinker, I could bust. We were thrilled by the price - 150 bucks for 4 days! The last day was a tournament which Jacob couldn't wait for. I don't know where he got his competitiveness from (wink, wink). I should have expected he would be good - he's been swinging a club since he was 2. Well, tournament day came and this boy rocked it. We watched a little bit of the putting contest where his coach cheered him on. All the parents and kids gathered afterwards for the awards. As the coach announced the winners of each category the child came up and shook his hand. Two medals later and the trophy for over-all winner we had a boy that was smiling from ear to ear. I have a feeling this golf camp is going to turn out being way more expensive than the original 150 bucks.

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