Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kristin is here, and - oh yeah, Don't Mess With Texas

Kristin, my college roommate, a person who knows me better than most and still loves me anyway, has come for a visit. Boy have I missed her. It has almost been two years since we were last in the same state much less region of the country. When together it seems like we haven't missed a day.

We spent four years together sharing a room, but so much more than that - sharing a life. She became like a sister to me. We were odd balls amongst a see of cookie cutter women. We didn't fit into Greek life so we made our own sorority - the sisterhood of us. We had funky pants day, make your own collage nights, coffee house groupies, odd bird and fish feeding detail, camping incidents, driving dilemmas, skiing snafus, Chili's funk, and angst that nobody needs to rehash. I would not have made it through college without her. (I am grateful the photo evidence of us being completely absurd is all on 35 mm and I am not at liberty to scan.)

I have enjoyed her being here. Hours of talking like we used to - we are still us, sun bathing in the backyard (with much more than a bikini on - a few things have changed), and an up for anything attitude. Today we took the kids to the lake - Lake Travis (not really the since there are so many lakes here) to look around. Given that I live only a few miles from the lake you would figure I have been there before but you would be wrong. We scouted it out and found a delightful camping area/park. I am sure there are better spots to go to, but this was just a day of exploration.

Upon arrival we found a boat dock, a clear blue lake, a bright sunny day, several unsuspecting campers, and a perfect tiny trail for little hikers to a lovely lookout spot on the lake. What we weren't thrilled to find was a bunch of litter. Jacob, my little ecologist began pointing out all the trash. Learning from my hiking mother the old famous quote, "Take only pictures, leave only footprints," we decided to leave the place better than we found it. After picking up trash the kids were yelling for anyone in earshot, "Don't mess with Texas. This is our state!" That sent a mother's heart soaring, I tell you. I was busting at the seams with pride for my little Lone Stars. They are decidedly against litter-bugs, by the way. You better not be caught littering around these parts! I'll send my posse after you!

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jenny k said...

Adorable...Sounds like quite a day. Are the little Lone Stars also good recyclers? This, we know, is another key obsession of yours and mine. Same to same, sisser. =)