Friday, April 11, 2008

An afternoon at the Capital

So on the way to the Capital Building (of Texas - duh, is there another Capital?) Jacob is in the car tooting (like flatulence). And my father-in-law asks what would happen if he tooted in the Capital. To which I respond it would be a Capital offense. HA! Aren't I clever?!? In our family gas is apparently always funny.

Anyway, we spent the second part of our day at the Capital where we toured with our friend (yes we have a friend) who works at the capital on the Government Reform Committee. He has an uncanny grasp on Texas state history and Capital trivia for a Pennsylvania born man. Needless to say I think we got the best tour of the day - probably of the year (unless of course he tours others - which given his knowledge he probably does).

I was especially impressed by our State Capital and continue to be enamored by this state's idea of government. The most significant difference that this group of CA born folks noted was the visible lack of security in the building. Our guide assured us that there was security we couldn't see but that part of the state legislature deems that our government offices be absolutely accessible. Weird. No metal detectors no purse x-ray. I am telling you, it was strange. I almost turned around at one point like, "Am I really supposed to be in here?" It was so cool. He also pointed out that most of the law makers themselves have concealed weapon permits so if someone decided to open fire in this building it would be a short gun fight. Good point - we are in TX.


Sarah S said...

LOL! ooo man... you live in TEXAS...

Barbara said...

Hey, how about showing the cool picture of me sitting in John's boss's chair? Too cool to forget!