Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to normal

The company's gone (we miss y'all already) and Brian's back from CA (thank God, I am not cut out for single parenting) and things are back to the kind of normal insanity we enjoy around here. Saturday, after bidding a tearful farewell to Isabella - Reba's best friend ('til we see her again Monday) we were standing in the hall by the door and Jacob shouts, "A lizard in the window!" Now he is in this delightful "Made you look" phase so I obviously chose to ignore him. He then continued to shout so I decided it was safe to really look. And sure enough there was a lizard in the window way above the front door (please ignore the cobwebs in the photo - it is way up there, I promise). It's possible this was actually a Gecko. Jacob told Brian when he got home that the Gecko did not talk about insurance.


jenny k said...

I tried to leave a comment on this post a couple of days ago, but apparently it didn't work. Jacob's comment about the gecko not being the one that talks about insurance made me laugh out loud. =) Love it.

Barbara said...

Some people believe geckos in your house are good luck...they eat mosquitos and such. Easy to say when they are in someone else's house.