Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Quilt Tutor

I finally took advantage of the sage advice of Grandma Dentist (Donna) the "Quilt Tutor". Donna just lives minutes away from me and I consider her a quilting guru. She has a house full of quilts - literally there is a quilt on every wall and every surface. Her kitchen table has a quilt for a table cloth. She has made several quilts for every family member. She makes small quilts for Linus Project. And she has a trunk full of quilts she has made and doesn't use! She even has historical quilts and taught me the value of labeling your quilt with it's history. She has set me straight on several occasions when I needed expert advice. Donna, like me, is a nurse and I think this helps me understand her instruction just a little bit better. I went over last Thursday and learned SO much.

First I took my machine manual over for her to inspect and educate me on what is what. Apparently I got a good deal for a fairly inexpensive machine that was intended as a back up. GREAT! I can even lower the feed dogs and free quilt - I had no idea. This is the kind of good info Donna gives me. I have some great stitch capability and she showed me on her quilts what I might use them for. FANTASTIC!

I also learned to bind my quilts like a pro (instead of the haphazard way I was doing it) and will post a tutorial on that later. First I have to complete a quilt to bind. I have been on hiatus for a while. Feeling a little uninspired by my fabric collection...

Meanwhile check out what I did with my quilting foot... Cool huh?!? I am making an apron for Brian's birthday out of the orange fabric. I was practicing his name to see if I could personalize it a little more. Seems like since we moved to Austin Brian is all about orange. Just getting into the Longhorns spirit, I guess. Hook 'em horns!
**Disclaimer** Blogger's spell checker is not working. If something is grossly misspelled - well, now you know, I can't spell.

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