Saturday, February 16, 2008

The "Little" issue...

So, Brian and I have had a year and some change long argument about a certain member of our household - "Little Dog". I adopted this disaster from a gas station (I know - my first mistake) when some man holding him handed him over all too quickly and I took him. He was so cute-ish as a tiny puppy and I loved carrying him around in the doggy purse. Brian didn't want him then and after a year plus, nothing has changed.

Since his cute-ish days "Little" has become only slightly less little but makes up for his size by the size of Brian's disdain for him. I will give Brian this: the dog occasionally (more often that I'd like to admit) relieves himself in one of the children's bedrooms, steals cat poop out of the litter box, finds ALL of Jacob's erasers and chews them up, paws incessantly at you for attention, and yaps at a pitch we are unaccustomed to. All of this combinded with the fact that he is terribly ugly this dog is high on Brian's list of things to hate. I, on the other hand, given all these things, still have a soft spot in my heart for this stupid mutt. I also have a terrible time letting go of things, especially pets which I believe are part of the family.

To appease my dear husband and perhaps find a solution to our never ending "Little" issue I was surfing on Craigslist for someone looking for a dog. I jokingly said to Brian, "I looked on Craigslist and nobody seems to be looking for a ugly little dog that poops in the house and eats cat poop." And bless her little heart, Reba chimes in with, "Can we get it?"

I thought the whole thing was hysterical. Brian thought it was about the unfunniest thing that ever happened. Anyway, if you know anyone looking for the above described "Little Dog" please let me know. Seriously.


Queen Ree said...

I hear your father was looking for a really little, ugly, obnoxious dog because he misses Little *#%! so much. Oh, wait, I was wrong.

Sarah M said...

You know, really, I blame my genetic flaw on him. Clearly picking sad, sorry, needy animals is something I have inherited from him and am now passing on to my own children.