Monday, February 11, 2008

The Birthday Post

Another year older... I am actually 29 this year - for real - the real 29. I have had mixed reaction to the "it's my 29th birthday" comment. Either people are floored that I am that old - usually strangers, or I get the nudge nudge wink wink, yeah right response. REALLY I am 29. And you know what? I love it. 29 is a good year.

I was grateful this year to get to spend the days leading up to my birthday with my Mom and Dad (and an evening with Grandma) back in CA. I went back to teach sex ed and health promotion to the elementary children at my mother's new school and had the added benefit of staying with the folks for my quick trip.

Two days there and I was already on a plane back to TX on my birthday where my children had made me a party hat and decorated our entrance with streamers. Gotta love the enthusiasm of kids regarding birthdays. They had made me cards and though the messages were written from right to left the sentiment was lovely (the fact they could both write at all was impressive).

Brian had planned to make me dinner but had forgotten (though reminded several times) that we would be eating with our friends in order to celebrate a combined birthday event. My baby Claire - that I babysat from the time she was just months old - turned 14. Which means we have now known this family for more than half of my lifetime. A blessing I don't take lightly. The dinner was fabulous and the company was even better. I could not have thought of a better way to spend my 29th birthday. (I got the dinner Sunday night instead.)

So, here's to another year passed and many more to share with you down the road. I am embracing 29 for everything it means (whatever that is). And you know what? I am looking forward to 30 with just as much enthusiasm.


jenny k said...

I'm thrilled with your birthday sentiment, Sar. First of all...where are we?...I mean, you look great! Second, you have every reason to be proud of your 29 years. You have accomplished so much! Hope you enjoyed your froggie rendition of the age old "Happy Birthday" song - a birthday special just for you. Incidentally, every time I think of frogs, I think of last summer getting the coffee table in Georgetown. :)

Sarah M said...

I almost had forgotten about the frogs in Georgetown. I just got the heebie geebies again! FROGS EVERYWHERE! Thanks for being a great sister - your comments and compliments always touch my heart.