Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Visit to Town Lake Park

We decided that in moving to the Austin area we should experience Austin. Since we have been here 7 months and still didn't know exactly what that entailed we enlisted the help of our Austinite friends (who of course came from somewhere else also - nobody's from here, really) from church that we enjoy spending time with. Since one of them works at the Capital Building and the other works on UT's campus we figured we had the right tour guides for our own city. We were right. Saturday's activities led us to Town Lake Park a fantastic representation of what is good about Austin. Loaded with families, dogs, hills to climb, water features, spectacular architecture and plenty of great views of the lake and city this was the place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Our kids ran around so much that by the end of our picnic in the park day they were all pooped out. And we enjoy these friends so much we went out again with them Sunday after church to another Austin favorite - Amy's Ice Cream and Phil's Ice House. We are hitting all the hot spots - sorry no pics of Amy's.

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