Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Her Highness' Birthday

From beginning to end, Reba's 4th birthday. Notice the Princess crown with the jammies (before we even had breakfast), the royal party at school, and the special dinner with friend Benjamin - who cracks me up! Jacob took it like a champ and bowed down for most of the evening. The dolls are a gift from him - note Reba hugging him. He argued that one could never have too many babies. We only had a few tears right before bed when Jacob wished it wasn't so long until his birthday. Hang in there, kid. Reba might allow you to share her throne.

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Queen Ree said...

Hope Miss Reba, the heir apparent to the title of Princess of Quite A Lot, had a wonderful day! Tried to get to a phone today but of course my cell was on the charger not with me! I also hope that it soon warms up so she can wear her pretty dress!