Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bunny Ears

I am definitely delinquent on posting about this - sorry Grandma. A couple of weeks ago (just before the haircut and the tooth pulling) we were on our way to COSTCO (I have a whole other post on why COSTCO is my favorite place) and we stopped to get the mail. In the mail we found a key to a package box! These are the days we live for around here. A package box key is cause for great elation among 5 & 6-year-olds (also 30-year-olds - if you want to know the truth).

This package was a special delivery from a CA great-grandma. Leave it to Grandma Luce to fill a box full of little wonders that my kids would love. There were chicks and Easter hats and coin purses and bunny ears. The kids were tearing through the box getting all excited. Brian and I were happy they were entertained on our 20 minute car ride to COSTCO.

Suddenly I realized that more than one car of folks had passed us just laughing hysterically. What the heck was so funny? The radio? A conversation? What? Then I looked behind me and in my very own back seat I saw this:

Ah yes, hysterical. They wore these into COSTCO and then on several other trips out as well. Seems we leave a trail of laughing people in our wake. Grandma, you have brightened not only the day of these two but many more who shop where we do.

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Kim said...

i thought a ride to costco couldn't really get better just knowing what you were gonna find when you got there. turns out i was wrong