Friday, April 24, 2009

The Post Office Miracle

April 13 at 3:37 pm I sent a package from my local TX post office to Pasadena, CA PRIORITY. This package contained my BFF's (Best Friend Forever for those of you that haven't had a BFF since your pre-school days) laptop computer (recently repaired by Brian) wrapped in some packing paper wrapped in a quilt that I made for her. This was no ordinary package. This was a very important package. I told the post office lady this several times. We agreed that Priority was the best way to mail it. I got a tracking number to be on the safe side.

Fast forward to April 21. I get a text from BFF. "Should I be concerned that I haven't gotten the package?" YES!!! PANIC!! Several phone calls later I get to the Pasadena post office guy and he says to wait a couple more days - like 2 - like the amount of days it should have taken for the package to arrive at it's destination. Arrgh. I wait.

Then I prayed. Yes, I prayed that my package would get to her. We teach our kids to pray about everything that concerns you, but how often do I do it myself? I am not sure what I was more concerned about, the computer or the quilt. She wanted the quilt. I already had plans to make her another one. I worried about the computer, identity theft, the cost, the inconvenience... Then I prayed. Why, oh, why didn't I pray first?

Today I got a phone call, "I got the package! And I scared the post man half to death!" What do you know? Answered prayers. About a package. A PRIORITY package filled with hours of love and hard work so that the person on the other end would know how much I care.

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Kristin said...

awesome quilt sar!