Wednesday, December 26, 2007


my cowbabies

To quote Reba, "eeesh!" Six Christmas celebrations down. We came, we ate, we gifted - what more could you want? We started out the week with Brian's parents and managed the three ring circus that is entertaining extended family, managing three dogs and a cat, and keeping kids and a moderately good mood. Brian's sister was in from CO and his parents finally had the whole fam back - albeit for only a brief time. Four Christmases with them later we are spending time with my family where my parents have my sisters and I all under one roof again back from Northern CA, North Dakota, and of course TX. The grand-dogs are also happy to be reunited with family. What did they do without all this chaos? We have now had a total of three Christmas celebrations with them. Seriously - we are going to have to rent another Penske to get us home. We have three more days here and we haven't yet begun to touch on accomplishing all we wanted to do. I guess that's what return trips are for.

Here are some pictures to catch you up - crafting and gift pictures to come:

What a whirlwind. Jacob just informed me he was going to take a nap. I don't blame him.

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jenny k said...

Missing you all already! Hope you are making a safe drive back and are feeling much better after that bug that hit us this Christmas.