Friday, December 21, 2007

The Dog Pile

Fear not! I am still alive. We just made the 24 hour car ride to CA from Austin, TX. We are all still alive and kicking (each other). Brian apparently doesn't sleep well in cars and I got a whopping neck breaking 4 hours. We were FINE. The kids did great - and I really mean that. Surprisingly there were very few melt downs and the "are we there yet"s didn't start until we were a good four hours away - thank God.

We squished ourselves into the borrowed Durango for it's return trip home complete with Christmas presents for our families, Santa's deliveries (the kids don't know we are in cahoots with him yet), all our clothes and necessities for 8 days, and two dogs. We all rode in appropriate seats save for the dogs who, bless their hearts, piled on top of each other at Jacob's feet. We very literally had a dog pile in the car. If my camera hadn't been buried I would have taken a picture of this hysterical scene.

So, we are all here. We brought an inverter for an ac adapter in the car and both Brian and his dad joked that I would be sewing in the passenger seat. If I could have figured that out... Almost all projects are done and I can't wait to post on them AFTER you all have received them :-) For once in my life I am keeping a secret!

Merry Christmas to you all!


Sarah S said...

Come VISIT US!!!

Sarah M said...

we will! Wednesday or Thursday good??

Sarah S said...

either works GREAT... can't wait to see you guys... we actually stopped by your parents tonight to see if you were there... we were coming home from Tim's parents... our heating isn't working... sooo lame... xo

Sarah M said...

we are staying with Brian's folks first. we will be there christmas and the time after. good thinking though.