Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adventures of the Bad Haircut

Bad hair day - a regular occurrence for me. Bad hair cut - a once every 10 years experience for me. Thank GOD! Bad hair day is one thing; a bad hair cut is a whole 'nother big bad thing. I went this morning (post ER shift) to get my hair cut for the first time since moving - it was a long stretch. My hair was way over due.

I walked in, got a reasonably good looking stylist with a decent do and plopped down in the chair with complete and udder trust for this woman. We discussed, we looked at pictures, mentioned a few requirements (like bangs I could tuck behind my ears) and she began. It started out fine enough. I believed that she would leave me with a better resemblance of myself. But then she was done. And, oh my. There were no words and no bangs, nothing as a matter of fact, that I could tuck behind my ears! Aack!

There are some hair cuts I just need to get home and style myself. Then there are those that no matter what I do they still will look bad. My only hope is my dear husband has agreed to highlight my hair now. We are half way through the process. I will update you later. In the meantime I am grateful that hair grows - just not fast enough.


Sarah S said...

me too... however it sounds like your s might be worse than mine... saaaaaad

Sarah M said...

some serious styling and it is growing on me. also it is growing. - i hope.

jenny k said...

I have been putting off getting a haircut for fear of going to the wrong person! Now my fears have been realized through you!! I think I'll look around for some more highly recommended salons/stylists. I'm sure you'll get the hang of styling your new do. You always find a way. =)

Sarah S said...

I want pictures!