Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tobago, why don't we go...

We are BAAACKK... from a Caribbean vacation of our dreams. God bless best friends and destination weddings. Kate, my BFF from forever got married last week to her perfect match, Nick. Nick's family is originally from the island of Trinidad, Tobago's neighboring island and under the same flag. Because of Kate's love of the island and because these two are as unique as they come, they decided to have their wedding on Tobago. Thus, as the Matron of Honor, I HAD to go. Did you hear my arm twisting? Right.

So, after 8 years of marriage Brian and I finally got to take that Caribbean vacation (sans kids) and contemplated never coming back. Everything about the island says slow down. I actually don't think I saw a clock the entire time I was there. Though we were coming from Texas (unlike those coming from Los Angeles and NYC), we noticed a definite pace change. Don't order breakfast and expect it before you are hungry for lunch, in other words. The beaches were beautiful. The water was clear and warm. The snorkeling was awesome (I didn't even scream out of my snorkel this time). The locals were lovely. The rum was strong. The 30ish people we traveled there with were incredible company. And I loved it!

We had the distinct advantage over other tourists as we had some semi-local help. Trinidadians travel there for vacation often and those whom we were with were quite knowledgeable. We stayed in rental homes, near the beaches, with people that were used to driving on the wrong side of the road. Uncle Oscar (Nick's Godfather) was the ultimate tour guide and often the life of the party. Brian and I felt like part of the family (we stayed in the family house) and by the end of the week had invited ourselves back.

The wedding itself was beautiful - I absolutely cried through the entire thing. I am not sure why I was so emotional - perhaps it was purely because Kate, my BFF, had found her perfect match and was experiencing the happiness I had always prayed she would find. Kate was shining, absolutely shining, lit up from head to toe. And regarding Nick, a finer man would be hard to find.

Enjoy some pics (most of these are Brian's - I was too caught up in vacationing to actually use the camera much) and dream of your own Caribbean Vacation.

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Barbara said...

Gorgeous pictures!Love the clouds and water! I especially like the one with the napkin in your top. So, when are you taking the in-laws with you to the islands?