Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Belated Father's Day

What words can I even say about my husband this Father's day that aren't overshadowed by his actions.? Two weeks ago when we were in Tobago I heard over and over again from the other wedding goers (men and women alike) that Brian was a good man and I had chosen wisely. "Yes," I'd say, and then I'd correct them, "Brian chose me." This fact continues to astound me as I see him grow year by year. I knew I had a good man when I married him 8 years ago. What I assumed, but didn't know, was that he would be such an amazing father.

When we arrived home from being out of the country we got news that a good friend of mine was in need. She had four kids and needed an immediate place to stay and childcare for up to two weeks. Brian said, without hesitation, that she could come stay with us - no questions asked.

Father's day, after church, Brian spent it at a ballgame - which I was working - with 6 kids, 4 of which were not his. Though my sister came along for support and their mom joined them a couple hours later, he shouldered the responsibility like the man I knew he could be. Did he complain about not being able to sit back in a recliner (which we don't own) watching his 52" flat screen (which we also don't own) with a beer in his hand (no way he would drink with that many kids to keep track of)? Not a peep. I would say, "What a man!" but really, I know how much better than the average man he is.

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Kathi D said...

I am so happy that you found each other. I, too, found the perfect man for me. He overlooks my (many) shortcomings and appreciates my quirks. Life is good when you have a good mate.