Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ringing in the New Year with a Bang

I have never been a huge New Year celebrator- not that I don't love the idea of New Year. Don't get me wrong - a clean slate, goal setting, a fresh new year, my birthday in a little more than one month - it is the recipe for a great day. Unfortunately I usually work New Year's Eve and when we lived in Pasadena I spent the day after avoiding the Rose Parade traffic. This year my plans were no different (except for the whole Rose Parade thing) - I signed up for a short shift at the hospital and intended to be home by midnight. The doctors and nurses I work with were warning me to drive safely as there was sure to be some intoxicated drivers on the road. I heeded their warnings and set off in my trusty Honda Accord.

While driving along I was very vigilant, looking out very carefully for headlights coming at me from the wrong side of the road, or other such problems. I was driving slower than usual down a wooded road - eyes peeled - visions of drunks slamming into me. Well, unless the deer was under the influence, no alcohol was involved. A car turned right in front of me and a deer shot out from the right side of the street. She side swiped me leaving a giant dent in my right side bumper, hood and panel. In slow motion I saw her flipping body go up over my windshield. I prayed that she wouldn't come down on top of me and ducked. Miraculously she landed in the street. A second car came along and stopped to move her out of the road and make sure I was OK. Three jovial men got out, scared the deer off into the woods (yes, she walked away) and checked on me. I was fine, shaken slightly, but fine and so they drove on with a warning about my busted out head light. The time was 2350 in military time. Oh deer.

And that is how my New Year's Eve went. I don't believe that this was any kind of sign or foreshadowing about the year ahead. I think it was just a stinking deer at the wrong place and wrong time. In several weeks the car will be fixed and hopefully Brian will never mention that poor deer again. 2009 still promises to be the best yet. I am thrilled to welcome so many good things this year - 30th birthdays, Kate and Nick's wedding, Kristin's baby, our foster baby (more on this later), Reba turning 5 and going off to Kindergarten. Gosh there is so much to celebrate - guess we can really do that any time and any day - January 1 is so restrictive.

A little addendum - on our way home from Foster Parent classes tonight we were pulled over for a "defective headlight." Um, duh. It will go into the shop on Monday.


Marianne said...

I'm sorry but I can't help this....Oh deer.

Kristin V. said...

Glad you are a-ok Sar!