Friday, January 2, 2009

Quilt Extravaganza '08

Oh, wait, that's my dining room. Yes, it's true. The dining room looked like a fabric explosion had occurred and somewhere buried under it all I emerged with 4 quilts done since the beginning of December. Also under my fabric explosion you might find a Merry Christmas to me present - an honest to goodness Bernina sewing machine. No kidding here, folks. I am now the proud owner of a high end machine. Now, I bought the machine used at a ridiculously good price from an amazing couple I met here so don't be thinking I became independently wealthy overnight or anything. I am just same old me - Sarah Marie, School Nurse (and ER charge - we don't like to forget that).

I am quite thrilled with the results of my efforts this month. Of course, I posted on Dad's quilt in the last post. Mom's is the cowboy prints by special request for her living room. Molly's is out of the same stroke inducing Levi's with the added touch of the airbrushed patch of our family's '77 Ford F-150 - pre-crash (taken from an old denim shirt given to me ca. Christmas 1993ish). I didn't make a quilt for Jenny as she has recently taken up the pastime - sorta - instead I gave her tools for the trade. I did, however, complete a fun "Happy Howlidays" log cabin style Christmas quilt for my family. This quilt was an exercise in traditional piecing and stipple quilting, both of which I am very thrilled with. I am not above patting myself on the back.

Immediately after all of these folks received their gifts I set out for the fabric store to procure more of my medium. My husband says I am an addict. He's probably right. If I am, he's an enabler. My gift from Brian this year was a hand crafted (by his hands of course) quilt rack. What a beauty - he's putting a clear coat on it now to protect the quilts. After it's dry I will post a pic. Right now I have purses to sew and diaper bags to create!


Kathi D said...

Wow, I am totally impressed with all your creative output! Great job! And congratulations on the new machine, I know you will love it and put it to good use.

Marianne said...

wow...I'm totally in love with Molly's quilt...seeing the truck reminds me of driving up to camp with her...glad to hear you had a good holiday season...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!