Friday, January 2, 2009

The Many Outfits of Reba

Reba, my baby, is almost five. She has always been an independent child and recently even more so. These are some outfits she has chosen in this past week. As to not crush her spirit we have chosen to praise her for one item and then go on a hunt for a match to that one thing. Take for example the crayon sweater get up. We went on a hunt for something to match instead of those fabulous pink leggings (and bright blue socks). Incidentally the crayon sweater was lovingly made for my generation by my grandmother and handed down to my daughter who loves it. Also you can't see in the princess picture the plastic high heeled shoes with the neon green sock toes sticking out. One of a kind, that Reba.


Queen Ree said...

cutie patootie!

Kristin V. said...

I love the 80's look in the last photo, especially the messy side ponytail!