Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Story

One day in April my sister, Jenny was going out of town - I don't even remember why, but probably for business 'cause she's all important like that, and she asked me to take her dog to the kennel for her.  I said, "No prob," which I had said before and forgotten completely about, but this time I meant it. I was up bright and early on the Saturday following Easter weekend.  I got my girls up, Reba and our two current foster daughters, dressed them all cute in their matchy outfits they had all gotten for Easter, and headed out in the still cool morning of April 10th.  Reba always likes to go along when we take the dogs in to the kennel and I figured that the little girls would love the kennel and the endless supply of affectionate dogs.  What possessed me, all before eight on a Saturday morning?

We arrived at the kennel where I saw the owner, Jana, sitting at her desk in the back office.  I know Jana.  We have had our dogs boarded here before.  I have met her sister and her parents and they are all adorable.  My sister, Jenny, and I could talk with them for hours swapping animal rescue stories of our youth (ahem, and our adulthood).  I wave at Jana, because I don't even know why, and motion for her to come out and meet my girls.  She's slightly confused because she can't see Reba, and I am holding the 2-year-old, and how did my kid shrink?  So she comes out.  We talk briefly about fostering, and the girls, and she asks some very benign question,s and we leave.  And if nothing more ever came from that I would not have been surprised at all.  But something more came - something I couldn't have even known to hope for or imagine.

Jana called me the next day.  My sister's dog was fine.  Good, because I was the emergency contact.  Whew!  But she had some questions about the girls. Jana and her husband were interested in how they might have a shot at adopting them.  It's a long shot, I said, hoping it wasn't, but knowing the improbability.  I gave her all the info.  She was at the agency the next morning, and within 3 days of meeting the girls she and her husband, Dave, were taking classes to become licensed foster to adopt parents.  Wow.  They might be the only people that have finished their classes and licensing faster than Brian and I.  They were able to very quickly provide us with babysitting and take the girls for overnight visits.  What a Godsend - literally.

This next part is awesome.  Today, June 2, we were in court regarding the girls.  The judge, the girls lawyer, the CASA volunteers, and the CPS caseworker all agreed that the children would be placed with our friends, Jana and Dave, with everything looking like they will ultimately get to adopt them.  For reals!  At the end the judge asked how Jana and Dave came to know the girls.  "It's a good story," CPS said.  I have to say, it definitely is.


Queen Ree said...

Like wind in the trees, you can feel God move through your life. You have been busy with His work each day - even Jenny asking you to deliver Coach. May the love you share enrich your life as much as it helps those you touch.
Keep doing good, Sweetie!

jenny k said...

I DO love this story. Best ever! Truly meant to be. Jana and Dave are the most perfect parents for these girls. I could not be happier for all involved. And to think it all started with Coach...

(By the way, I was on my way to CA to see the family. I'm not as important as you made me out to be. I was skiing when you called to tell me Jana had just called, remember?)

Sarah M said...

Oh, yeah. I just remembered.