Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another man's treasure...

Last week we had an impromptu yard sale. Basically, Friday night the neighborhood put up a sign saying that the neighborhood yard sale would be the following day. I read the sign at about 9 o'clock Friday night. At about midnight, after surveying the attic and the closets, I decided that we could, in fact, have a yard sale the next day. I pulled some seriously ridiculous things out. I mean to tell you, I have no idea why we have had an "extra" TV in our attic for 2 years and in storage for a year before that. What I am capable of accumulating is amazing.

In my excitement to get rid of things I pulled out an old Christmas present from my husband. It was a gift from our first Christmas married. He was being so thoughtful when he gifted me with a bubble machine for the bathtub. I think it was supposed to feel like jacuzzi jets, but really it only managed to cool my bathwater off too quickly and ultimately I didn't have the time or the patience for baths and gave up on it all together. I was eager to finally purge this useless item.

My husband, finding sentimental value in the ridiculous machine, pulled it out of the heap. "The kids would love this," he said and claimed that their enjoyment was worth more than the maybe 5 bucks I could get from it. I begrudgingly gave in.

Since then, we have never had two kids more eager for bath time. This just goes to prove the old adage, one mamma's junk is her kiddo's treasure - or something like that. Oh, and I made about $160 in about 3-4 hours; not too shabby for not really having too much stuff out.

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